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  • Interesting wood and brass 6×9 large format camera by W. Stacey + Jena Tessar 13.5cm 1:4.5 lens

    This nice camera comes with minor signs of previous use, few brass rods are bent and there are some marks to camera. All movements work, but none is ultra-precise, as it is rather home-brewn camera rather than sophisticated construction like Linhof. Still a fun to use and unique to own. .....
    Price: 185,00
  • Linhof 13×18 camera with Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 18cm 1:4.5 + some holders

    This 13×18 Linhof camera comes in quite worn condition. Back is incomplete, screen is missing, bellows does not look good – feels really dry and brittle, probably not a light tight one. Movements are stiff. Spirit level is dry. Lens is fitted on not genuine board, it is a bit .....
    Price: 333,00
  • Linhof Aero Technika w/ Zeiss Planar 135mm f/3.5

    Linhof Aero Technika w/ Zeiss Planar 135mm f/3.5

    A rare aerial camera with fast Zeiss lens and anatomical grips to both sides. Beautiful decorational piece with a great user lens to fit other Lingof 4×5. Hard to find, especially in black finish. The camera shows obvious signs of use but is in working condition. The viewing hood has .....
    Price: 1.000,00
  • Carl Zeiss Biogon 1:4.5 / 53mm lens for Linhof

    Carl Zeiss Biogon 1:4.5 / 53mm lens for Linhof

    This is an early Carl Zeiss Biogon 53mm wide angel lens with 6×9 coverage. It has been made for early Linhof cameras but here it comes on a modern lens board for Linhof M679 camera from the 1990s. This lens boar is not compatible with other Linhof Technica cameras. Considering .....
    Price: 700,00
  • Linhof Technika Super-Angulon 90mm 1:8 on recessed Toyo board

    This wide angle lens for 4×5 LF cameras comes in fully working condition, with working aperture and accurate shutter. It is fitted to recessed Toyo board and equipped with two caps. Optics with just a few small dust particles and barely visible haze inside, there is a small discoloration to .....
    Price: 245,00
  • Carl Zeiss Sonnar 180mm f/4.8 Linhof plate Boxed

    Carl Zeiss Sonnar 180mm f/4.8 Linhof plate Boxed

    The lens comes in excellent cosmetic condition and works all fine. Glass in good condition. Shutter sounds accurate also at slowl speeds and aperture ring moves smoothly. Comes on a linhof 6×9 plate. Comes with original caps and box. We can rate it 8.5 out of 10.
    Price: 450,00
  • Carl Zeiss Sonnar 1:4.8 / 180mm lens for Linhof

    Carl Zeiss Sonnar 1:4.8 / 180mm lens for Linhof

    This is an Early Carl Zeiss Sonnar 180mm lens for Linhof but it comes on a late lens board to fit Linhof M679 fr4om the 1990s. The lens board is not compatible with Linhof technica. Considering it’s age the lens comes in a good condition. ready for use. Shutter sounds .....
    Price: 400,00
  • Linhof selected Schneider Symma4 1:5.6/210 lens

    Linhof selected lens with signs of regular use externally. Optics is a bit hazy and dusty inside, with no scratches or fungus, no separation either. Aperture is functional, shutter fires with slow speeds being sluggish and stucking (1s, 1/2s and 1/5s).
    Price: 150,00
  • Schneider Tele-Xenar 1:5.5 / 240mm lens in Linhof shutter

    This tele lens comes in used condition, with regular signs of previous use externally. Optics with few dust particles and very minor haze inside, with few barely visible cleaning marks to coatings. Shutter fires, but slow speeds are sluggish and often stuck. There is a very tiny dent to filter .....
    Price: 133,00
  • two lens board (75×83) for small Linhof cameras

    Black board with 33mm hole, silver one with around 39mm hole (not cut nicely). Both with signs of regular use, both functional.
    Price: 30,00
  • Linhof accessoires lot, including Wasserwaage, rings, booklet.

    This lot is sold as found, not tested.
    Price: 45,00
  • a Linhof lens board for older 6×9 camera, approx. 26mm dia

    This plate is worn, with hole cut poorly, but still a good user.
    Price: 22,00
  • Linhof universal lens hood, 67mm thread

    Hood comes with obvious signs of use – some scratches and marks are visible. It is still fully functional, genuine Linhof hood.
    Price: 20,00
  • Linhof masks set and glass plate, boxed, some home-made

    This lot is sold as found, not tested.
    Price: 30,00
  • Linhof lens board, 96x99mm, 65mm hole

    Signs of regular use to plate, Linhof logo is missing. Board is fully functional.
    Price: 30,00
  • small lot of accessories and parts, incl. Linhof

    This lot is sold as found, not tested.
    Price: 33,00
  • Linhof Panorama Ball Head

    Housing is patinized and scratched, head is still functional.
    Price: 60,00
  • Linhof 220

    The Linhof 220 is a 6×7 rangefinder camera with built in exposure meter (selenium) and has a really odd design. As the name suggests it is cabable to shoot 220 film, but also it is perfectly possible to shoot regular 120 roll film. It has a hard mounted anatomical pistol .....
    Price: Sold
  • Holga wide pinhole camera with Schneider 65m msuper angulon lens

    Forget the Linhof technorama, here we have a true budget option to shoot 6×12 panoramic images. This Holga 120wpc camera has been converted and instead of the pinhole lens a Schneider Super-Angulon 1:8 / 65mm lens got installed. A toy camera in essence. very low built quality. plastic fantastic. But .....
    Price: Sold
  • MPP 4×5 field camera + Boyer Paris lens

    This MPP Micro Technical camera is made in England. A well built field camera which a nice alternative for the Linhof. This brittish camera comes fitted with a French lens by Boyer. The Saphir Color 1:4.5 / 135mm comes in a good shape and fitted in Synchro compur shutter. It .....
    Price: Sold
  • Linhof Technar 45 with Super-Angulon 5,6 / 65mm lens

    Rare camera. Comes with the 6×9 finder for the 65mm Schnieder lens. All seem to work perfectly. Regular signs of previous use. Electronic release not tested due to we dont have the battery this moment. A crack in battery holder which is reglued. We can rate it 8,5 out of .....
    Price: Sold
  • Linhof Super Technika V 2×3 + Symmar 100mm lens

    Nice kit. Comes with 6×7 film back and Symmar 5.6 / 100mm lens. The camera comes in excellent and fully working condition. Some regular signs of previous use. Smooth movements. One cover on utton on side missing, no affect on functionality. We can rate it 8.5 out of 10
    Price: Sold