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  • a Leica M3 camera

    Leica M3 body, early version, OUTLET

    Price: 1.000,00
    This very early Leica M3 is sold as an outlet product. It has a bit of a dim focusing patch, the viewfinder itself is very bright and clean, its just the patch is a bit more dim than usual. The shutter is stuck. It can not be fired or advanced. .....
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  • Olympus OM zuiko 90mm F/2 Macro lens, OUTLET

    Price: Sold
    This OM 90mm F/2 macro lens is quite rare to come across. Unfortunately this copy has been opend by an unexperienced technician and therefore it was not reassembled in the correct way. Its stuck somewhere half in the focus range and does not move very well. The glass is in .....
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