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How we test and rate at Fotohandel Delfshaven

Here at Fotohandel Delfshaven we don’t just put camera’s or lenses straight on our shelves after we just bought them. What makes us unique in this second hand camera business is that we really add extra value to our products. All items go through a thorough inspection and testing program to ensure your new camera, lens or accessory arrives in top notch condition, described as it really is.

All cameras up to 65 years old get critical inspection by our in-house technicians. Here Levi and Jorn, we like to call them our ”camera doctors”, do a series of tests using high end machines and techniques. All camera shutters are tested using a Kyoritsu shutter tester, the same machine that was used by the original camera manufacturers themselves back in the day. With these machines we can not only test how correct the shutter speeds are, but also test light meters and other mechanisms. Lenses are checked on either our digital imaging systems or on a Collimator lens calibration tool. Levi and Jorn will also clean everything in a safe way, replace light seals and do small adjustments where needed. When camera’s or lenses really need surgery because they are showing issues or have stood still for some decades we hand it over to our master technician.

For big service and repairs we collaborate with Alan from ACR with over 30 years experience in the camera repair business. Here at Fotohandel Delfshaven he has built his second workshop from where he’s working one day a week exclusively for our store. He can revive lenses and cameras back from the death and leaves nothing untouched. Because of this we can offer you our products with a 3, 6 or even 12 month warranty!

Despite we can make our products work like new again in many cases, they are still old and vintage equipment, often used by professional photographers back in the day. Based on the age and previous owner some products might have some more usermarks and wear than others. That’s why we came up with a split up grading system. Not only will we tell you how good the product looks, we also have individual ratings for its glass (optical) and cosmetic looks and conditions. Combined with our detailed product text you now know exactly what to expect.

Are you a serious camera collector who is in search for beautiful ”mint+++” items? Or are you a heavy user that just needs a fully working camera? You can find the best one for you based on our rating system below:

Optical Rating:

  1. The glass has severe issues or damages. These damages will show up in final images, or the lens can not produce images at all.
  2. The glass will have visible issues such as scratches, haze, fungus or heavy dust inside the lens. Images are affected but the product is still usuable under right circumstances.
  3. The glass has some light marks such as coating marks, a light haze or light dust layer inside. The lens is most likely still perfectly usuable under most circumstances.
  4. The glass is in excellent condition. Might have some tiny remarks that can be seen upon critical inspection but none of these will impact image quality or usuability.
  5. The glass is perfect, like new. No remarks to be made. (Note: even some lenses new out of the box might still have somy tiny dust specs inside, that won’t affect image quality).

Mechanical Rating:

  1. This product is unusuable in its current condition. Good for parts, repair attempt or as decorative piece.
  2. This product is in a semi usuable condition. Some features might not work and it has to be used with caution.
  3. This product is in a good user condition. It’s still perfectly usuable with film but has some small things to take in account when using.
  4. This product is in great mechanical condition, it’s (machine) tested and fully working as intended.
  5. This product is in perfect mechanical condition + a fresh service by one of our technicians.

Cosmetical Rating:

  1. This item is very used, ugly or damaged. Might have some missing cosmetic parts such as covers or buttons. Considered for parts or restoration.
  2. This item has obvious signs of use. There are bumps or dents or bigger pieces of paintloss. Dirty in hard to reach places.
  3. This item has normal signs of use. There is some visible brassing, paintwear or light dents on corners and frequently touched places.
  4. This item shows light signs of previous use. Light marks to the paint or around frequently touched places. Still a great cosmetic condition.
  5. This item is in beautiful cosmetic condition. Only the ever so lightest mini marks that can only be seen upon very close inspection. Collectors grade.

OUTLET category:

This basically is our bargain corner. Here we sell items that didn’t make the cut for our store but still have value and potential. If a product does not pass our critical testing we might decide to make it an OUTLET product. Described as they are and often the same quality as found on Marktplaats or eBay, but now you know up front what’s wrong with it. We will share our testing results and advise where the product still can be used for.

Because of their condition you won’t receive any warranty, but this is reflected in an often heavily reduced price.

In our outlet category you will mainly find:
1. Products that still can be used with flaws or caution
2. Partly broken/defective products, good for their parts or your own repair attempt
3. Beautiful collectors- or display pieces
4. Digital items, in which we don’t specialize

Click here for our current outlet offerings.

Levi and Alan behind the shutter tester.
Levi and Al behind the shutter tester. visualised by models