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  • Nikon Nikkormat FT2 with Nikkor 28mm 1:3.5 nonAI (Nikon F mount)

    Camera with regular signs of use externally , a bit dusty to top plate and finder. Few small dents to bottom plate. Shutter fires at all speeds and sounds accurate, metering does not work at all. Lens is fully functional, with a bit loose and dry focusing, aperture is snappy. .....
    Price: 78,00
  • Praktiflex camera + Victar 2.9 / 5cm lens

    Camera is covered with patina, a bit yellowish and with deteriorated leatherette, the lens is hazy inside. with working, but uneven focusing and functional aperture. Shutter does not fire, mirror is loose in its chamber.
    Price: 55,00
  • Zeiss Ikon Contaflex camera with Tessar 2.8 / 50mm and Pro-Tessar 4 / 115mm

    Great set for display, as it comes with minor signs of previous use. Camera is not tested with film, shutter fires and sounds accurate, meter does not react to light, but no further tests. Lenses with few dust particles inside, usable.
    Price: 66,00
  • SEMFLEX SEMFLASH TLR kit with Som Berthiot lenses

    Scarce TLR with flash, worn condition, with firing shutter and good focusing, WLF is damaged and does not open correctly, film door lock is also broken – film door is always opened. Flash is untested. Lenses are hazy, in need for some cleaning.
    Price: 100,00
  • Canon Canonet 28 RF camera + Canolite D

    Not much signs of previous use to camera body, but it for sure needs new sealings, as these are really worn and sticky. Shutter fires, but accuracy is unproven. Metering does not react to light, flash does not fire.
    Price: 35,00
  • Pentax MV + SMC-Pentax 1:2 / 50mm + Vivitar 135mm lens

    Camera with obvious signs of use, brassing and paint losses to bottom plate. Fires at mechanical speed only, meter does not work. Both lenses are functional, with good focusing and apertures. Vivitar with small spot of fungus inside, both a bit dusty and hazy, but usable.
    Price: 35,00
  • Pentax ME + SMC Pentax-M 50mm 1:1.7 (Pentax PK mount)

    Camera with worn leatherette, quite dirty, with some marks and lekge in battery compartment, sealings are damaged. Not firing, with stuck advance lever. Lens is fully functional, with smooth focusing and good aperture, a bit dusty inside, with no fungus, separation or scratches.
    Price: 30,00
  • Horizon 202 panorama camera. Shutter fires but very worn

    This Russian panorama camera is obviously used, in worn condition, with some dents, repaintings and marks all over. Shutter fires, spirit level works, no further tests.
    Price: 100,00
  • Collection of various Canon powershot and Ixus cameras

    This lot is sold as found, not tested.
    Price: 45,00
  • Polaroid Supercolor 1000 land camera

    Camera is a bit dirty, with signs of regular use. No residue to rollers, overall nice condition, but not tested with film.
    Price: 22,00
  • Moskva-2 RF camera

    Russian copy of Zeiss Ikon rangefinder camera, 6×9 format. Used, quite fatigued, with damaged RF, but firing shutter (a bit inconsistent, though). Not tested for light tightness. Hand strap is cracked (pictures show it before cracking). Still nice display / collectible camera, with some attention can still be a good .....
    Price: 80,00
  • SMENA-8 camera, Boxed, made in USSR

    Camera looks unused, comes fitted in nice case and a bit fatigued box. Shutter fires, but as it was not tested with film – it is sold as collectors item rather than camera that can be used out of the box.
    Price: 20,00
  • Nikon F501 AF camera body (Nikon F mount)

    There is a tiny dent (repainted) to prism housing, leatherette to film back is worn and repaired with tape. Besides that camera comes with signs of regular use. Finder is clear. Camera does not power on, rather for display or spares.
    Price: 11,00
  • lot of 5x various Nikon Coolpix cameras – all boxed

    This lot is sold as found, not tested.
    Price: 50,00
  • lot of 7x various Nikon Coolpix cameras – all boxed

    This lot is sold as found, not tested.
    Price: 50,00
  • Nikon Nikkormat FT body, First of the Nikkormats

    Camera in used condition, with some small scratches and marks to body and tiny dent to top plate (back, near Nikon Japan writtings). Shutter fires, but mirror is a bit lazy and goes up with small delay. Meter does not power on.
    Price: 28,00
  • Nikon Nikkormat FTn camera body (Nikon F mount)

    This Nikkormat camera comes in used condition, with some dents to bottom plate, small scratches and marks all over. Some dirt / patina to top plate, sealings and mirror foam are deteriorated. Shutter fires and sounds accurate at all speeds, metering reacts to light changes, but its accuracy is unproven.
    Price: 32,00
  • Nikon F70 camera body (Nikon F mount) – BOXED

    Camera in used condition, a bit sticky film back, overall not worn and not beaten. Powers on and fires, but not tested with film. Comes with interesting Nikon body cap with a pinhole.
    Price: 38,00
  • Kodak Retinette with Kodak ANGENIEUX anastigmat 4.5 / 50mm

    Camera comes with signs of regular use, lots of paint losses to back and bit of haze to optics. Shutter fires, but needs to be released with a lever on the lens, release button to camera top is locked. Not tested with film, sold as for collection rather than as .....
    Price: 45,00
  • BRAUN Nizo Inegral 5 Super8 movie camera wtih Schneider Variogon 1:1.2

    Signs of regular use to camera body, some inscriptions are not readable, camera does not power on.
    Price: 18,00
  • BULLET Camera, Kodak, Boxed, as found

    Vintage bakelite camera in used condition, a bit marked and with some patina to metal parts. Shutter fires, no further tests. Fitted in fatigued box.
    Price: 15,00
  • Kodak No.2A Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model B, Box camera

    Camera in nice condition for its age, minor signs of use, with some rust and patina to metal parts. Finders are dim. Shutter fires, no further tests.
    Price: 20,00