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Fotohandel Delfshaven
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Film and processing

Film and processing. page #

Film - Fotorolletjes

Buy fresh & expired film

In the Delft store we sell a wide variety of film from brands like Kodak, FujiFilm, Ilford, Cinestill and Foma. We have fresh films for 35mm and 120 and sometimes also sell expired film in other formats. Famous films such as Kodak Gold, ColorPlus and HP5 can be found, but also some more specialized films such as CineStill and E6 slide film.

Note: the stock in our Delft store differs to what you see online. Hot selling films like Kodak Gold, ColorpPlus and Ultramax can always be found in the store. For some films we handle a maximum of 3 rolls per person.

Develop & scan

Through our partners at Cameralisatie we offer a professional film development and scanning service with 24/7 drop off. Multiple options available for black & white + C-41 color negative. You can download your high quality scans via WeTransfer.

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