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Film and processing

Film and processing. page #

Buy fresh & expired films

Here at Fotohandel Delfshaven we offer a wide variety of film from brands like Kodak, FujiFilm, CineStill and Foma. We are doing our very best to keep prices as affordable as possible. We sell all the famous films like Kodak Portra, Kodak Gold 200, Kodak Ultramax 400, Ilford HP5 and the budget friendly yet amazing Fomapan films. Have a browse through our selection below! The stock you see on this page represents availability in the store as well.
Done shooting?

Through our partners at Cameralisatie we offer a professional film development and scanning service with 24/7 drop off. We offer services for black & white and C-41 Color negative films. You can drop off your film in our Delft store at anytime (mailbox) or at their Rotterdam based lab. Quick turnarounds and high quality scans with amazing colors. Multiple scanning options, which are send to you by WeTransfer.

Expired films

Like to experiment with film? In the Delft store we have a wide offer of expired films in 35mm, 120 and other (weird) formats. Most of these films are no longer in production and offer true unique character. We of course never know how they were stored but that’s the fun of shooting expired film anyways! Available from €5,00 per roll, daily changing offer.
We also sell some expired films on offer through the website:

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  • CineStill BWxx Double X 250 ISO / 120

    CineStill BWxx Double X 250 ISO / 120

    Price: 15,00
    CineStill Double X is a variable speed ISO black and white film. Despite being rated at ISO 250, it actually can be shot on different ISO’s, resulting in different looks. The CineStill film lineup is loved for its cinematic rendering films that are quite unique and different to the traditional .....
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  • CineStill 50D Daylight / 120

    CineStill 50D Daylight / 120

    Price: 15,00
    CineStill 50D is a beautiful low ISO film with cinematic/filmic rendering. Uses regular C-41 process. Suited for very sunny and bright situations due its light ISO. Daylight balanced for natural colors whilst offering the famous Cinestill glow and halation in the highlights. 1X roll of 120 format CineStill 50D film.
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  • CineStill 800T Tungsten / 120

    CineStill 800T Tungsten / 120

    Price: 17,00
    Cinestill 800T is the perfect film for night time photography. It’s a tungsten balanced color negative film that has a unique rendering of very bright highlights. Being a C41 process film its easy to get developed compared to other cine films. Depending on the lighting situation and the color of .....
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  • CineStill 400D Dynamic C41 / 120

    CineStill 400D Dynamic C41 / 120

    Price: 19,00
    CineStill 400D is a color negative film with some special characteristics. It provides lovely warm colors, very similar to Kodak Portra and Gold. When shooting directly into lightsources, the shots get a nice red halation glow around the very highlights, making your shots look extra cinematic. CineStill 400D is called .....
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