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  • MPP 4×5 field camera + Boyer Paris lens

    This MPP Micro Technical camera is made in England. A well built field camera which a nice alternative for the Linhof. This brittish camera comes fitted with a French lens by Boyer. The Saphir Color 1:4.5 / 135mm comes in a good shape and fitted in Synchro compur shutter. It .....
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  • Hasselblad Super Wide C

    Hasselblad Super Wide C

    This Hasselblad Super Wide C has just received a full overhaul at ACR and comes in excellent working condition. A beautiful and iconic camera for wide angle photography. The shutter sounds good at all speeds. Good glass, few faint marks which wont affect images. Regular sings of previous use. some .....
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  • Fuji Fujifilm instax 210 Hello Kitty camera – boxed :)

    Beautyful 😉 camera with minor signs of use and fully working condition, fitted in a bit worn box. Makes everyone smile while being pictured 🙂 Loaded with film!
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  • Minox GT compact camera

    Camera with minor signs of previous use – just a few small marks to body. Case with signs of regular use, no damages or deep scratches. Metering works, shutter fires and sounds accurately, aperture is functional, so is self-timer and frame counter. Nice compact, pocket-size camera.
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  • Lot of 7x various vintage cameras with lenses and issues – Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Yashica, Topcon

    All cameras and lenses with some issues – either stuck transport, defective lens, not powering on electronics etc. Neither fully tested, all with obvious signs of use. For repair, display or parts.
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  • Industar-22 5cm 1:3.5 lens with Leica LTM M39 screw mount

    Lens is a bit hazy inside, with very tiny cleaning marks to coatings and minor signs of use to barrel. Focusing is a bit dry and uneven, aperture works fine. Nice, tiny, functional budget lens for Leica cameras.
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  • Holda 120N fancy pink 6×6 / 6×4.5 camera, boxed

    Camera with barely visible signs of use, some paint losses to film door latch fasteners, otherwise almost like new. With manual, strap and box.
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  • Lot of 4x various compact film cameras – defective

    Yashica EZ-matic fires, but is not reliable, all other cameras do not power on. Signs of regular use to all bodies.
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  • Olympus Trip 35 camera

    Camera comes in good cosmetic condition, with very small scratches and few marks to body. Top plate is a bit patinized, finder a bit dim. Film is advanced, metering works (but probably won’t be too accurate as it is selenium meter), shutter fires, aperture works. In case of too less .....
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  • lot of 2x Russian rangefinder cameras: Zorki C + Fed-3

    Cameras in used condition, FED is also dirty and has fungused lens. Both not thoroughfully tested, FED with jammed shutter, Zorki fires, but accuracy untested. Both rangefinders are missaligned. For display, repair or spares.
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  • mixed lot of defective cameras and lenses – as per pictures

    This lot has not been carefully checked, all cameras and lenses with obvious signs of use, not firing.
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  • Polaroid Land Camera Model 180 with Tominon 114mm 1:4.5 lens

    Camera with signs of regular use – small scratches and marks to plastic cover and metal parts. Rangefinder is heavily missaligned, rails a bit bent. Shutter fires, but slow speeds are a bit sluggish. Lens with some dust particles and very minor haze inside. Bellows looks light tight, rollers still .....
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  • Pentax ME Super camera body

    Nice tiny camera with large and bright finder. Comes with regular signs of previous use, with some scratches to bottom plate and marks to top, sealings are a bit deteriorated and there are a few small dust pieces in finder. Shutter fires at all speeds, metering works and looks accurate, .....
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  • Werra Mat camera with Jena T (Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar) 50mm f/2.8 lens

    Camera comes in used condition, with marks to metal parts and some patina to body. Lens is fungused and bit hazy, finder is dim, with some oxidation. Small crack to lens hood. Shutter fires and sounds accurate, aperture works, lightmeter seems to be dead.
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  • uncommon Minon Six III rangefinder camera with 75mm f/3.2 Luminor lens

    Uncommon, uncoupled RF camera for 120 film, 6×4.5 and 6×6 frames. A bit dusty, with regular signs of use, optics in need for cleaning and with a bit deteriorated coatings. RF looks accurate, shutter fires at all speeds and seems to be OK, aperture works. Bellows looks light tight. Comes .....
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  • Minolta PROD-20’s concept compact camera

    Camera with signs of regular use to body. Some brassing to battery cover and minor scratches to top plate. Bit of dirt to leatherette, which peels off a bit. Camera powers on and fires, flash and self-timer are functional. Nice, rare compact camera that comes with genuine fabric brown strap.
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  • Werra 1 camera with Jena T (Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar) 50mm f/2.8 lens

    Camera comes in good condition, with minor signs of use to body. Lens is just a bit hazy, with no scratches or fungus. Finder is slightly dim, with some oxidation. Shutter fires and sounds accurate (slow speeds are perhaps a bit sluggish), aperture works as intended. Focusing feels a bit .....
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  • Canon T70 camera with FDn 50mm 1:1.8 lens

    This set is in nice cosmetic condition, with only minor signs of previous use. Camera seems to be fully functional, with accurate shutter and metering, lens focuses smoothly, but aperture is stuck wide open. Nice kit in need for a bit of attention.
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  • Olympus OM-1 pinhole camera :)

    Interesting, home-made adaptation of traditional Olympus SLR camera to pinhole SLR camera. Cap with very even and very small hole can easily be replaced with fitting lens, so it actually is multi-purpose camera, unfortunately with issues – lightmeter does not work and film door latch is broken (yet film door .....
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  • lot of 3x vintage AF cameras: Olympus + Yashica, with lenses

    None of cameras power on, lenses are not tested. Set with signs of regular use, as per pictures
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  • Olympus mju zoom 140 compact AF camera, all weather

    Minor signs of previous use to camera body – just a few marks and very tiny scratches here and there. It seems to be fully functional – powers on and fires, zooming and focusing works fine. Comes with fabric strap.
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  • Ottomar Anschutz Press camera with Goerz Cellor 168mm 1:4.8 lens

    Old press camera (1895 – 1905) in decent condition, unfortunatelly not complete (misses screen, film holder amd blinds). Shutter is released, but tension is too low, speed dial is stuck. Lens is very hazy / matte, but with working aperture. Focusing mechanism is stuck. Second shutter curtain is signed Ottomar .....
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  • Ricoh 500G compact rangefinder camera

    Nice small rangefinder camera with 40mm lens. Comes with signs of regular use, some patina and oxidation to metal parts and – unfortunatelly – deteriorated sealings that needs to be replaced. Besides that looks fully functional, with acurate RF and metering, as well as firing shutter. Fitted in genuine and .....
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  • Zeiss Ikon Baby Box Tengor + Frank Six II folding camera

    Both cameras fitted in genuine cases. Zeiss Ikon is worn and does not fire, Frank with signs of regular use and firing shutter, but accuracy is unproven. Both rather for display.
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  • a bunch of compact and small vintage cameras, as pictured

    These cameras are sold as found, not tested
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