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  • SMC Pentax 67 300mm 1:4 (Pentax 6×7 mount)

    This tele lens for Pentax 67 cameras comes in used condition, with some marks and small scratches to barrel. Optics is clean and clear, with just a few small dust particles inside, but no scratches, fungus, haze or separation. Very clean lens, with smooth focusing and good aperture.
    Price: 150,00
  • Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 6×7 300mm 1:4 (Pentax 67 mount)

    Obvious signs of previous use to barrel – the lens is a bit marked, with lots of small paint losses. Mechanically all functional, with smooth focusing and snappy aperture. Optics with just a few small dust particles inside and barely visible cleaning marks to coatings, no scratches, haze, separation or .....
    Price: 150,00
  • Asahi Pentax accessories: hoods, finder magnifier

    One hood with deteriorations to inscriptions, all are fully functional. Finder magnifier is clean and clear, functional. Reverse mount ring also in nice and fully working condition.
    Price: 50,00
  • Asahi Pentax 77mm filter skylight 6×7 67 Boxed

    Genuine Asahi Pentax skylight filter with minor cleaning marks to coatings, fully working condition. Fitted in box and plastic case.
    Price: 30,00
  • Pentax lens to C-mount adapter, Goko

    Adapter with minor signs of previous use, fully functional.
    Price: 20,00
  • Honeywell Pentax Exposure meter 3/21

    Scarce, early Pentax light meter with few small scratches and marks to housing, optics with minor dust particles inside, signs of leakage in battery compartment, meter is untested – no batteries available.
    Price: 55,00
  • lot of 6 Pentax-110 lens hoods: 25,5mm, 30,5mm, 37,5mm

    All hoods are functional, with minor signs of previous use.
    Price: 37,00
  • lot of 10 Pentax-110 lens filters in cases: 25,5mm, 30,5mm, 37,5mm

    Filters are used, fully functional, free from scratches or dents. Possible small smudges and cleaning marks.
    Price: 38,00
  • Pentax 67 accessoires lot, pouches, caps, filter

    This lot is sold as found, not tested.
    Price: 32,00
  • Pentax 6×7 2x teleconverter lens, Kenko autoplus, in Pentax leather case

    Converter with obvious signs of use to barrel, scratches and marks all over. Optics is nice, with just a few small dust particles inside, free from scratches, haze or fungus. Fully functional converter, that comes fitted in worn leather case.
    Price: 40,00
  • Pentax 6×7 2x teleconverter by Teleplux MC6

    Converter with minor signs of previous use and clean, clear optics. Fully functional.
    Price: 40,00
  • Genuine Pentax PK / M42 mount adapter

    Adapter allows M42 lenses on PK mount cameras. It is used, with few marks, lock is missing, so it does not lock on camera body.
    Price: 17,00
  • Pentax 67 Helicoid Extension tube in case

    Tube with minor signs of previous use, small discolorations to rubber, fitted in a bit fatigued case. Fully functional, scarce Pentax tube.
    Price: 100,00
  • genuine Pentax Mount Adapter K, 30120, M42 lenses on PK cameras

    This is genuine and fully functional Pentax adapter for M42 lenses to PK cameras. Barely used, comes in a bit fatigued pouch.
    Price: 30,00
  • Pentax Winder ME II

    Winder with minor signs of use, but there is a crack to battery holder, which was repaired using transparent tape. It is only a cosmetic issue, as the winder works as it should.
    Price: 17,00
  • Pentax 67 lens to NIKON adapter, Zörk, a vintage high quality adapter

    adapter with minor signs of previous use, some small internal scratches, high quality one, in fully working order
    Price: 70,00
  • Pentax 67 focusing handle, B type

    handle is fully functional, with regular signs of use – some scratches and marks are visible, there is additional lining glued inside to increase grip to lens or sizing ring
    Price: 38,00
  • Pentax 67 focusing handle, unmarked, same as B type

    scratches and marks to handle, fully working condition, but no sizing ring included here
    Price: 38,00
  • Pentax K2 kit + SMC Pentax-M 1:1.7 / 50mm lens

    The Pentax K2 is very similar to the Pentax K1000 but it also has the aperture priority mode making it an easy and quick camera in use. The camera comes bundled with the Pentax 50mm 1:1.7 standard lens. The kit is checked by our inhouse technician and is fully functional. .....
    Price: Sold
  • Pentax MEsuper + SMC PEntax-M 2.8 / 28mm lens

    The Pentax ME super is one of the smallest 35mm SLR cameras ever made and is very light weight as well. It’a semi automatic camera: the shutter speeds are automatically set according to which aperture is chosen on the lens. This makes it a very quick and easy to use .....
    Price: Sold
  • Pentax KX + SMC-M 28mm f/3.5 PK

    The camera comes in good working condition but with obvious signs of previous use. The body has some wear, mainly on the bottom plate where the battery lid has quite a lot of wear and is slightly bent near the tripod hole. The shutter runs accurately on all speeds and .....
    Price: Sold
  • Pentax 645 + SMC Pentax-A 2.8 / 75mm lens

    The Pentax 645 medium format camera is a nice a easy to use system, in controls it feels like a large Pentax ME-super. Film backs, finder and winder are not interchangable, but the lenses are. This one comes with a 120 film insert an the standard 75mm lens. Fully electronic .....
    Price: Sold