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  • Contarex Zeiss Distagon 1:2 / 35mm

    Contarex Zeiss Distagon 1:2 / 35mm

    Price: 650,00
    Hard to find Contarex 35mm lens. Glass good but some light internal haze. Frozen focus as too often with Contarex lenses. would benifit from good CLA. No obvious cratches or fungus. Worn appearance with marks and wear to barrel
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  • Canon F-1 lake placid 1980 body, defect

    Canon F-1 lake placid 1980 body, defect

    Price: 100,00
    Hard to find Lake Placid 1980 Canon F-1 body, but in worn and defect condition. not cleaned. obvious brassing and marks to housing. shutter does not fire. shutter release partly disassembled. mirror stays up. For display or parts only
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  • Hasselblad PME45 prism finder, with issue

    Price: 400,00
    finder with signs of quite extensive use – scratches, marks and small dents to housing, spots of glue around eyepiece (missing, by the way), a bit of dust inside and tiny dots to finders ocular, meter powers on and reacts to light, all features seems to be working as intended, .....
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  • Leica M2 kit with Summaron 35mm F/3.5 lens, faulty/crashed

    Price: 500,00
    This is a camera with a story. It shows serious impact damage and is beyond repair. The finder has blacked out. Shutter curtain defect. Bit bend aroud the curtain and even the back plate has been bend by impact. The shutter does not fire. Selftimer works. Vulcanite damage. Lens with .....
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  • Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5 L Tilt-shift lens for Canon EF, OUTLET

    Price: 250,00
    Tilt shift lens by Canon, suited for their EF mount. Covers fullframe but of course works great on APS-C as well. This lens is in perfect cosmetical condition with only very light signs of use. The optics appear clean when looking with the naked eye, but when shining through a .....
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