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  • Mamiya C220 with 135mm F/4.5 lenses, worn, OUTLET

    Price: 180,00
    This Mamiya C220 kit is sold as OUTLET product without warranty. The bellows have some punctures and are probably not light tight anymore. The lens has some separation and needs some work as well. ideal for parts or restauration project. Focus rack works fine, shutter fires but will maybe not .....
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  • Graflex Speed Graphic w/ Kodak Anastigmat. OUTLET

    Price: 144,00
    This Old Graflex Speed Graphic camera comes in a dirty condition. It will benifit from thorough cleaning. Usually the Speed graphic has an internal shutter but not on this specific camera. Lens included is the Kodak Anastigmat 6-3/8Inch f/4.5 in Instax shutter. Shutter sluggish. lens hazy. very dusty inside the .....
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  • Falling plate camera: Hasselblads Kamera Express. Stockholm

    Price: 157,50
    Camera with worn leatherette, used, not complete (plates are missing). Sold as-is.
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  • Contax RF camra body with Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 5cm 1:2 lens

    Price: 202,50
    Set comes with signs of regular use externally, there are some deteriorations and some patina to chrome parts. Finder is a bit dim, RF spot is visible and looks accurate. Shutter in most cases is not released, it just clicks. When released it looks quite accurate except slow speeds being .....
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  • Leica M2 kit with Summaron 35mm F/3.5 lens, faulty/crashed

    Price: 500,00
    This is a camera with a story. It shows serious impact damage and is beyond repair. The finder has blacked out. Shutter curtain defect. Bit bend aroud the curtain and even the back plate has been bend by impact. The shutter does not fire. Selftimer works. Vulcanite damage. Lens with .....
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