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  • Leicaflex camera in parts + other goods

    Leicaflex is bumped, worn and incomplete, obviously not functional. All other items are sold as found.
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  • Canon T90 camera body, EEE error, as usual

    Camera comes with signs of regular use, some scratches and marks to bottom plate and film door. Nice, clean finder and interior. Camera poiwers on, but gives famous EEE error, cannot be released. Sold as for spares or repair.
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  • Halina Simplette F camera for 126 cartridges, in original box

    Camera is dusty, with minor signs of use, with peeling leatherette. Fitted in worn box. Not firing, advance lever turns quite loose.
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  • Kodak Retina I EK285 with Ektar 5cm f/3.5 lens

    One of first Retinas in good condition for its age, paint losses to back door and some marks to chrome. Lens is hazy. Shutter is inconsistent, often stuck. Rather for display or collection.
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  • Rollei Rolleiflex 3.5 camera, worn

    Rolleiflex 3.5 camera, Parker and Evans recognizes it as a Model X. Quite worn, with lots of paint losses and scratches to metal parts, fatigued leatherette and some rust to screws. Dirty and dim screen. Lenses are a bit hazy,w ith tiny ccleaning marks, there is a small spot of .....
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  • Rolleiflex Original Model 1 (or 2?) 6×6, early

    First Original Rolleiflex that comes in used condition, with some repairs to WLF, missing paint to nameplate and overall fatigued. Screen is dirty, finder is dim, lenses hazy and fungused. Shutter is sluggish and often stucks. Nice collectible piece, though.
    Price: 170,00 Add to cart
  • Microcord MPP TLR camera with Ross 77.5mm 1:3.5 lens

    Camera is used, with some patina to metal parts and deteriorated, peeling off leatherette. Scren is a bit dusty and dim, lenses in need for some cleaning, as there are some spots of fungus and minor haze inside. Shutter fires after it is cocked, looks like release button is stuck. .....
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  • Primoflex TLR camera with Toko 7.5cm 1:3.5 lens

    Camera with signs of regular use, not abused, with no scratches or dents. Clean screen and finder, good focusing and aperture. Shutter fires and sounds quite accurate, with slow speeds perhaps a bit sluggish. Lenses with tiny cleaning marks to coatings andf very minor haze inside, overall nice cosmetic condition .....
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  • Rollei magic II camera with 3.5/75 Xenar

    An auto-exposure Rollei TLR camera that comes in good cosmetic condition, with not much signs of previous use externally. Just a few marks to hosuing and leatherette. Shutter is open, camera controls stuck in Auto mode. Lenses are a bit hazy and dusty, with cleaning marks to coatings. Case in .....
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  • Rollei Rolleiflex 3.5 camera, with Zeiss-Opton Tessar 75mm 1:3.5 T lens

    Rolleiflex 3.5 camera, Parker and Evans recognizes it as a Model X. Used, with some paint losses and scratches to metal parts, fatigued leatherette and some dirt to body. Dim finder. Lenses are a bit hazy, with tiny cleaning marks, there is some fungus in taking lens. Shutter fires, but .....
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  • Praktica FX 2 camera with Meyer Primotar E 50mm 1:3.5 V lens, M42 mount

    This vintage Praktica FX2 comes with minor signs of previous use, with some marks to bottom plate (tripod mount is pressed to leatherette). Overall nice and clean condition, with firing, but sluggish shutter. Lens with marks and scratches to barrel and some cleaning marks to coatings, a nbit dusty inside. .....
    Price: 90,00 Add to cart
  • Echo Record TLR camera with Tri-Lausar 8cm f/3.5 lens

    Very uncommon TLR camera in quite good cosmetic condition, with minor signs of previous use. Some paint losses to bottom plate and film door, dust in hard to reach places. Dents / bumps to left hand side lens housing, focusing is not affected. Finder is dim and focusing screen dusty, .....
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  • Minolta XE-5 + Nikon FA – both jammed

    Both cameras in quite worn condition, both with jammed shutter / advance lever – neither fire. No further tests, sold as for spares, repair or display.
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  • Canon Canonet G-III QL19 camera, with 45mm 1:1.9 lens

    Nice rangefinder camera with fast f/1.9 lens. Used condition, with tiny and marks to body and dirty leatherette. Sealings that need to be replaced. Shutter fires and looks accurate, so looks Auto mode. Rangefinder needs to be adjusted. Half-working camera, in need for some tweaks.
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  • Nikon FM camera body, chrome

    Camera with dirty and patinized top plate, dusty finder and deteriorated sealings. Signs of leakage in battery compartment. Metering does not work at all, shutter is fully mechanical, fires at all speeds and sounds accurate. Not tested with film, but should be OK if it is light tight. There are .....
    Price: 60,00 Add to cart
  • PMC Automatic Rapid half frame camera

    Camera in used condition, with dirty lining and heavily deteriorated sealings. Firing shutter, but metering is not accurate, not light tight either. Nice collection camera in need for some cleaning.
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  • Olympus OM-10 camera + Cosina 28mm 1:2.8 MC lens

    Set in nice cosmetic condition, camera with minor scratches and marks to body, lens is barely used, with pristine optics. Camera is locked, with mirror up, does not power on and does not fire, lens is fully functional.
    Price: 40,00 Add to cart
  • Nikon F4 camera with DW-21 finder

    Camera in used / worn condition, with lots of paint losses, marks and scratches to body. Finder and screen are clean, with just a few small dust particles inside. Camera powers on and fires, but there are no information in finder displayed. All modes and speeds seem to be functional .....
    Price: 150,00 Add to cart
  • Minolta X-300s with MD 50mm 1:1.7 lens

    Set in very good cosmetic condition, with minor signs of previous use. Lens with only a few small dust particles inside, no fungus, scratches, haze or separation. Focuses smoothly, with good aperture. Camera does not power on.
    Price: 30,00 Add to cart
  • Nikon FG camera body

    Simple, manual focus Nikon camera body, with electronically controlled shutter. Manual mode and auto aperture / program settings. Good cosmetics, with small scratches to bottom plate. Camera with deteriorated sealings and mirror damper. Powers on and fires, lightmeter looks accurate and manual mode feels reliable. Auto mode is not usable .....
    Price: 40,00 Add to cart
  • Nikon F501 + AF Nikkor 35-70mm 1:3.3-4.5

    Camera is nicely aged, with signs of regular use and some paint losses to body. There is a bit of dirt in hard to reach places. It powers on and fires, AF is defective, though. All other functions look good. LEns is heavily fungused, in need for good cleaning, mechanically .....
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  • Ricoh 500G compact rangefinder camera

    Tiny compact RF camera with 40mm 1:2.8 lens. In need for some service and love: rangefinder spot is visible, but rangefinder does not work, sealings are worn and bad, there is a tiny bump to filter thread (filters cannot be mounted). Camera comes with signs of regular use, small scratches .....
    Price: 38,00 Add to cart
  • Olympus Trip 35 camera

    This compact Olympus camera comes with obvious signs of previous use, there are some scratches to body, mainly to bottom plate. It is also a bit dirty. Shutter is always released (no ‘red flag’ in finder, even in the darkness), metering is not accurate. Camera is rather for decoration or .....
    Price: 30,00 Add to cart
  • Sinar P2 5×7 outfit

    Sinar 5×7 outfit, P2 front and back standards, rail, extension, tripod mount, wide angle and normal bellows – all genuine. Obvious signs of previous use, one level is dry. Screen is cracked and taped. All movements in front standard are working as intended, back standard with locked rise / fall .....
    Price: 1.100,00 Add to cart
  • Sinar P 4×5 and 5×7 outfit / parts

    Sinar parts for 4×5 and 5×7 cameras, two standards (both rear ones?) in worn condition, 5×7 standard rise / fall does not engage, one level is dry, movements are not smooth – parts in need for some attention / service. Bellows seem to be light tight and in really good .....
    Price: 450,00 Add to cart