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  • Olympus Pen EE-2 camera, with issues

    Olympus Pen EE-2 half frame camera comes in good cosmetic confition, but with some scratches to bottom plate. Sealings look replaced. Shutter fires, but meter is for sure not reliable, shutter often remains open until film is advanced, red flag does not come up in finder. Camera comes with blue .....
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  • Leica IIIa camera with Summar 5cm 1:2 lens

    This Leica IIIa camera comes in worn condition, with scratches and brassing to body. Deteriorated leatherette (probably once replaced), dim RF window (rangefinder seems rather accurate) and shutter problems – it fires, but second curtain does not close full, speeds are quite accurate with slow ones being sluggish. Camera is .....
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  • New!
    Robot + Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 1:2 / 4cm lens

    Robot + Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 1:2 / 4cm lens

    Nice camera for collection but not recommended for use. The camera requires some good cleaning. it comes in a dirty condition. leatherette to back loose. Shutter fires, though sounds dry. shutter spring winds with ease. other functions not tested. thorough cleaning recommended.interesting Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar lens which is in .....
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  • Minolta Hi-Matic 11 Super 3 Circuit rangefinder camera with 1.7/45 Rokkor lens

    Camera comes with only minor signs of previous use to its body and bit of dirt close to advance lever. Optics is a bit hazy inside, but scratch-free. Camera powers on and fires, metering works (accuracy is unproven, though). Aperture blades are stuck wide open. Nice camera for display or .....
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  • Yashica FR camera with DSB 55mm 1:2 lens

    Regular signs of use externally, top plate is a bit dirty and there are some small scratches to bottom plate. Finder with few dust particles inside. Lens is clean and clear, but there are a few very tiny nets of fungus behind rear element. Focusing is smooth, aperture is snappy. .....
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  • Rollei Rolleicord Va camera with 4×4 masks – in leather case and boxed

    The camera comes with only minor signs of previous use – small paint losses to very corners, minor dust particles and small marks to screen and just a few tiny dust particles in finder. Focuses smoothly, aperture works fine, but shutter is not released – it clicks, but does not .....
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  • Werra Mat camera with Jena T (Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar) 50mm f/2.8 lens

    Camera comes in used condition, with marks to metal parts and some patina to body. Lens is fungused and bit hazy, finder is dim, with some oxidation. Small crack to lens hood. Shutter fires and sounds accurate, aperture works, lightmeter seems to be dead.
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  • Olympus OM-1 pinhole camera :)

    Interesting, home-made adaptation of traditional Olympus SLR camera to pinhole SLR camera. Cap with very even and very small hole can easily be replaced with fitting lens, so it actually is multi-purpose camera, unfortunately with issues – lightmeter does not work and film door latch is broken (yet film door .....
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  • Canon A-1 camera with Power Winder A

    The camera comes with obvious signs of use like lots of paint losses and some scratches to metal parts, bit dusty finder and some patina / sticker remains to prism housing. Film advance lever is stiff, camera suffers from squeaky mirror issue, but shutter speeds seem all functional. Geared film .....
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  • Leica R3 Electronic camera body – boxed

    Camera with minor signs of previous use, few small scratches to bottom plate and small patina to prism housing. There is a small leakage remain in battery compartment, camera does not power on, even though mechanically looks fully functional – shutter fires at mechanical speed only, metering needle does not .....
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  • Praktica B200 electronic + Pentacon Prakticar 50mm 1:1.8 MC lens

    Set is in need for good cleaning externally – it is a bit dirty and with some moldy stains on top. Camera looks fully functional – it powers on and fires, metering looks accurate. Lens is quite clean inside, with very minor cleaning marks to coatings. Focusing is stuck / .....
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  • Hasselblad 500C camera body with waist level finder. Defect. For parts only. (wlf loupe missing, internal spring for body back shutter missing)

    camera is worn with dents to chrome parts, deteriorated leatherette and paint losses to bottom plate, screen with small scratches, camera fires, but back curtain misses its spring – it is loose, finder misses loupe and springs – it needs to be opened manually – nice camera for spares or .....
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  • Leica IIIF body, lookin good but needs CLA

    camera comes in nice cosmetic condition, with surprisingly minor signs of previous use, serviced in 1954 (confirmation is included) but now in need for another CLA – shutter is very hesitant and slow, first curtains moves very slowly, second one travels fast, focusing works (rangefinder window is perhaps a bit .....
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  • Pentax LX camera with 1.7 / 50 Pentax-M lens and standard finder

    camera is quite worn, with scratches to finder housing and bottom plate, tiny bump to bottom corner causing that film door are a bit skewed and are closing with a bit of problems, battery contacts in battery compartment are missing, so electronics is untested, shutter fires at all speeds from .....
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  • TOYO Field 45A camera (damage repairs, good user except won’t fold!)

    camera with obvious signs of use – visible paint losses and marks to metal parts, dent to right-hand side to bottom plate / closing plate, leatherette is a bit worn with few damages, camera with broken and repaired front standard – now it does not fold, but is still usable .....
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  • Zeiss Super-Ikonta 531/16 RF camera with Novar lens

    overall nice cosmetic condition, but there is quite nasty bump to front cover causing some technical problems: it is hard to open the lens and shutter is stuck open, its lever is probably bent as it does not travel all the way, RF spot is visible, but focusing itself is .....
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  • Rolleiflex MX EVS (presumably) TLR camera. Shutter fires but probably CLA is needed (marks to glass)

    slow shutter speeds are a bit hesitant and sluggish, all other features look fully functional, taking lens with deteriorated and marked coatings and a bit of dust inside, but no scratches to glass, no signs of fungus or separation, some scratches to bottom and minor deterioration to leatherette
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  • Russian RF 6×9 camea MOSKVA-5 with Industar-24 10.5cm 1:3.5 lens, copy of Zeiss Super-Ikonta

    6×6 plate is missing so it is 6×9 camera only, it is in used condition, with some rust and patina to metal parts where paint was stripped, lens is a bit fungused and dusty inside, shutter fires, but is not accurate – slow speeds are way too fast and inconsistent, .....
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  • Canon Dial 35 half-frame camera

    Well-preserved copy of interesting half-frame Canon Dial camera, with minor signs of previous use, with genuine wrist strap and fitted in leather Canon case. Spring is probably broken, as knob has a bit low tension, turns quite freely all the time. Shutter is not released, metering is untested. Nice for .....
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  • Nikon FE camera body – beaten one + Nikkormat FTN – just worn

    FE camera is really worn, assembled from at least two, with heavy bumps to prism housing, paint losses to film back, dirty screen. Surprisingly it powers on, meters light and fires, auto mode also looks reliable. There is an issue with metering coupling pin on camera – it is quite .....
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  • Leica C1 compact camera with Vario-Elmar 38-105 ASPH lens – defect

    Camera in used condition, with scratches to bottom and top plate. Shutter release button is pressed inside camera body and locked. Camera does not power on at all, it is sold as for parts or repair only. Lens looks intact and clean.
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  • Voigtlander Prominent + Ultron 2/50 lens

    Camera is covered with patina and mold remains, there are just regular signs of use, so cleaning would be nice. Leather peels off heavily. Finder is a bit dim, RF spot is visible, but a bit missaligned. Shutter is very lazy and sticky, it hangs even on 1/500s, so good .....
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  • Contax 159 MM camera with Tamron 01A 35-80mm 1:2.8-3.8 CF Macro lens

    Set is dirty and fatigued, in need for good cleaning and some maintenance. Camera powers on and fires, but finder readouts blink and auto mode does not look reliable. Lens is stiff with focusing and zooming, with a bit lazy aperture, hazy and bit dusty inside and with cleaning marks .....
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  • Nikon Nikkormat FTN camera with Nikkor-H.C 28mm 1:3.5 nonAI lens

    Camera with not so much signs of previous use, but with few cosmetic flaws: misses part of advance lever (which is also scratched), paint losses around release button. Shutter is released instantly after film is advanced, metering not reliable – camera for spares or repair. Comes with worn, but functional .....
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  • Leicaflex SL black camera with Summicron-R 50mm 1:2 lens

    Set is really worn – camera is dirty, with lots of paint losses, scratches and marks all over, misses frame counter window cover and lens release lever. Shutter fires and sounds accurate, metering works, but does not look reliable. Lens with scratches to front, a bit hazy inside, stuck on .....
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