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  • Leica IIIc + Summar 5cm 1:2

    Camera with signs of regular use, with some chrome deteriorations to corners and scratches to bottom plate. Rangefinder spot is not visible, finders are dim. Shutter is released, but both curtains are lazy, not accurate at all. Lens is hazy, with cleaning marks. Focusing and aperture works.
    Price: 330,00
  • ICA Dresden camera, 9×12, with 15cm Tessar lens

    Camera in used and quite worn condition, in need for some attention, with missing few pieces. Shutter does not work. Still nice for display.
    Price: 50,00
  • Contax RF cameras, with issues

    Worn camera, with defective shutter, not working lightmeter and good rangefinder. Fitted in genuine leather case also in quite worn condition. Good for spares, display or repair.
    Price: 75,00
  • Montanus Super Reflex Camera with Cassar 80mm 1:2.8 lens

    Nice, rare TLR camera with fast, f/2.8 lens. Overall good cosmetic condition, with some major flaws: shutter release socket is broken and film back is damaged, as per pictures. Shutter is not released, focusing works as intended. Leatherette peels off and finder is slightly dim. Nice collectible piece.
    Price: 400,00
  • Bikon F90X + MB-10 grip

    Camera with minor signs of previous use, really nice for its age and model. Unfortunatelly shutter is damaged as per pictures. Camera powers on and displays Err, probably all else is fully functional.
    Price: 40,00
  • Movie camera NIKON R8 Super

    The camera does not power on (signs of leakage in battery compartment), it is a bit dirty, in used condition, with fungused lens.
    Price: 70,00
  • Nikon Nikkormat EL + Nikkor-Q 135mm 1:2.8

    This set comes in excellent comsetic condition for its age! Camera with minor signs of previous use externally, just a few small marks to bottom plate. Deteriorated sealings and mirror foam due to aging. The lens is also in really nice condition, with minor marks to barrel and just a .....
    Price: 110,00
  • Leicaflex SL black camera body

    Camera in used condition, with small dent to back of the top plate, sticker to bottom and small scratches / marks all over. Finder is a bit dusty and dirty. Revind lever in missing. Signs of leakage in battery compartment. Shutter fires and sounds accurate at all speeds, sealings are .....
    Price: 100,00
  • Canon AE-1 Program with 28mm 1:2.8 Soligor lens

    Camera is a bit dirty, with signs of regular use, missing battery compartment lid and electronic issue – it does not power on and does not fire, sealings are deteriorated. Comes fitted with Soligor lens that is fully functional, with smooth focusing and good aperture, with minor haze and small .....
    Price: 60,00
  • FOTH Derby camera with Foth Anastigmat lens

    Tiny pocket camera with obvious signs of use externally and hazy lens. Shutter fires but there is a gap petween curtains, speeds are not accurate at all and blinds travel without any consistency. No further tests, but it is still nice display camera.
    Price: 70,00
  • Cosina C1 + Vivitar 200mm f/3.5 + Pentax MV + adapters + extras

    Cosina camera with Pentax PK mount comes with signs of regular use to housing and some discolourations to grips. It powers on and fires, came in with film inside and looks fully functional (not tested with film, though). Vivitar lens with minor signs of use to barrel and just a .....
    Price: 75,00
  • Olympus OM-1 + Sigma 39-80mm f/3.5

    Olympus camera with signs of regular use, few cosmetic flaws: missing motor coupling lid and some oxidation to finder. Not bad at all for its age. Shutter fires, but speed is always the same, regardless what is set on its ring. Self timer and frame counter works. Metering does not .....
    Price: 55,00
  • Nikon D100 kit + 18-50mm Sigma zoom lens, Boxed

    Camera does not power on, lens is a bit hazy, but functional. Set as per pictures, in used condition.
    Price: 45,00
  • Falling plate camera: Hasselblads Kamera Express. Stockholm

    Camera with worn leatherette, used, not complete (plates are missing). Sold as-is.
    Price: 175,00
  • Canon T90 camera body (Canon FD mount)

    Most advanced Canon SLR with FD mount. This particular copy is worn, scratched and with sticker remains to prism housing, finder a bit dusty. It does not power on, sold as for spares, display or repair.
    Price: 34,00
  • Voigtlander Bessa 66 folding camera (lens missing nameplate)

    Regular signs of previous use to camera body, there are some deteriorations to chrome parts, nameplate to lens is missing and bellows looks a bit fatigued. Shutter is released, but slow speeds are sluggish. Aperture is functional, the lens is slightly hazy, with a few small spots of fungus inside.
    Price: 30,00
  • FOTH Derby camera with Foth Anastigmat 3.5 / 50mm lens

    Camera with obvious signs of use, hazy lens and damaged shutter, for collection or repair.
    Price: 55,00
  • Asahi Pentax H2 + Asahi Auto-Takumar 1:3.5 / 35mm lens

    This set comes with signs of regular use, some scratches and marks externally. Camera with sticker to bottom plate. The lens is slightly hazy inside, rather in need for some nice cleaning. It focuses smoothly and has good aperture. Camera with firing shutter, but with stuck second curtain – it .....
    Price: 60,00
  • Leica R5 camera body

    This Leica R5 camera comes with only minor signs of previous use – there are a few small marks to body and tiny scratches to bottom plate. Finder is clean and clear, sealings look OK. Camera powers on and fires, metering react to light, but it suffers from lazy shutter .....
    Price: 150,00
  • Contax RF camra body with Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 5cm 1:2 lens

    Set comes with signs of regular use externally, there are some deteriorations and some patina to chrome parts. Finder is a bit dim, RF spot is visible and looks accurate. Shutter in most cases is not released, it just clicks. When released it looks quite accurate except slow speeds being .....
    Price: 225,00
  • Olympus OM-2 Spot / Program

    Olympus OM-2Sp in used condition, with scratches, marks and minor paint losses to housing. Camera comes with clean finder, sealings are a bit deteriorated. Motor coupling cover and battery cover cannot be unscrewed, camera fires at mechanical speeds (1/60s and B) only, gets stuck on all other speeds. No info .....
    Price: 50,00
  • Asahi Pentax S1a + S-M-C Takumar 3.5 / 28mm lens (M42 mount)

    Camera in worn condition, dirty and jammed, with damaged shutter and mirror locked up. The lens is fully functional, with good aperture and smooth focusing, minor signs of use externally and clean optics – good user lens!
    Price: 65,00