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  • Canon T70 camera with FDn 50mm 1:1.8 lens

    This set is in nice cosmetic condition, with only minor signs of previous use. Camera seems to be fully functional, with accurate shutter and metering, lens focuses smoothly, but aperture is stuck wide open. Nice kit in need for a bit of attention.
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  • Ricoh 500G compact rangefinder camera

    Nice small rangefinder camera with 40mm lens. Comes with signs of regular use, some patina and oxidation to metal parts and – unfortunatelly – deteriorated sealings that needs to be replaced. Besides that looks fully functional, with acurate RF and metering, as well as firing shutter. Fitted in genuine and .....
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  • Olympus mju zoom 140 compact AF camera, all weather

    Minor signs of previous use to camera body – just a few marks and very tiny scratches here and there. It seems to be fully functional – powers on and fires, zooming and focusing works fine. Comes with fabric strap.
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  • Werra 1 camera with Jena T (Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar) 50mm f/2.8 lens

    Camera comes in good condition, with minor signs of use to body. Lens is just a bit hazy, with no scratches or fungus. Finder is slightly dim, with some oxidation. Shutter fires and sounds accurate (slow speeds are perhaps a bit sluggish), aperture works as intended. Focusing feels a bit .....
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  • Pentax Super A + 2.8/28mm lens by Tokina

    camera in used condition, with paint losses to film door and prism housing, very tiny bumps and some scratches to bottom plate and a bit dusty finder, sealing foam and mirror damper are a bit deteriorated, camera powers on, shutter fires and sounds accurate, metering reacts to light changes – .....
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  • Ricoh 500 G compact rangefinder camera

    This camera comes with very minor signs of previous use, but marked and worn bottom plate. As usual – suffers from sticky and deteriorated sealing foam, but otherwise looks fully functional with good metering and shutter speeds. Will be delivered with strap and fitted in genuine case.
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