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  • Isco Iscorama-Anamorphot 1,5x – 54

    Isco Iscorama-Anamorphot 1,5x – 54

    The 1.5x-54 Iscorama is the tallest of the Isco Anamorphot. Has full metal housing. Extremely hard to find. The lens comes in a good condition. Regular signs of previous use. Smooth focus. Excellent glass. Comes in 77mm screw mount with stop down ring to 62mm and 49mm. Will fit a .....
    Price: 3.500,00
  • Kinoptik Paris lens F=80cm Bonette

    Filter / attachment is scratched from the lens’ side, there are obvious signs of use to metal parts (paint losses, scratches). Thread is good.
    Price: 80,00
  • A Beaulieu adapter from M42 to C-mount (boxed)

    Adapter with signs of regular use and dirty. Functional, but with additional adapter / reduction to tripod mount that cannot be unscrewed. Fitted in worn box.
    Price: 22,00
  • Two filter holders for movie camera lenses with 48mm, 52mm and 56mm filter thread

    Holders are in used condition, with some rust to screws, paint losses and marks to metal parts. Both are functional. Smaller one has two threads to mount on 48mm and 52mm threaded lenses, larger one with thread slightly bigger than 55mm filter, pressumably for 56mm lenses.
    Price: 10,00
  • lot of 12x wide / tele converters / aux lenses for movie cameras, some boxed

    Converters are sold as found, untested.
    Price: 24,00
  • Zeiss Ikon Movigonar 1/2x f for Movikon 8

    Viewfinder has vertical crack, but is functional, auxillary lens in excellent condition, with minor dots to coatings. Not much signs of use externally. Fully functional lens for Movikon 8 camera.
    Price: 25,00
  • Bolex H16 Reflex + Kern 1.8 / 16mm H16rx lens

    This Bolex H16 reflex camera has been made in the late 1950s and comes with the Kern Switar 1.8 / 16mm H16 RX lens. This is the first version of the H16 Reflex with round base. Fully mechanical spring driven movie camera.For use we recommend the later H16 Rex 4 .....
    Price: Sold
  • Arriflex 16 movie camera + Schneider Variogon 1:2 / 16-80mm

    A beautiful and iconic 16mm Arriflex movie camera complete with Schneider Kreuznach 1:2 / 16-80mm zoom lens. Electronics untested ue to no battery pack available. Shutter and mechanism seem to turn smooth when manually rotating the motor knob. Signs of use but in general a well preserved camera. Lens with .....
    Price: Sold
  • Askania 35mm movie camera + Astro Berlin lens

    Comes with Astro Berlin Gauss Tachar 2/25 lens. Not tested, considered for dispay. Beautiful large camera. Hand crank and finder missing. Comes with compendium
    Price: Sold
  • Kern Switar 1:1.6 / 10mm H16 RX, C-mount lens

    Sought after wide angle lens for Bolex H16 reflex cameras. This switar comes in an excellent shape with some light wear. Smooth focus and good aperture. Glass all excellent. missing original front cap, but comes in leather pouch. The number one lens choice for a wide angle in 16mm format
    Price: Sold
  • LOMO 1:3 / 16mm OKS1-16-1 block, for 35mm

    Rare and strange lens for 35mm movie format. Very large for it’s specifications, app. 1.5kg weight and impressive looking. This is same as the LOMO version but marked: ??????? ???????? instead. Lens has aperture but no focus mount. Block only, good for modification. In good condition except a small scratch .....
    Price: Sold
  • Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm f/1.7 Cameflex mount

    The lens comes in good condition with regular signs of previous use. We see some general wear on the housing. Focus is smooth but turning somewhat uneven. Aperture working fine. Glass looks good, though some faint coating scratches to front not seen by film. Bit loss of flocking paint and .....
    Price: Sold
  • Schneider Variogon 1:2 / 18-90mm lens in C-mount

    This Schneider zoom lens for 16mm of TV seem like it has hardly ever been used. Zoom and focus turn butterly smooth and aperture works all excellent. Optics all excellent, with flashlight minor haze is seen but we do not expect influence on images.
    Price: Sold
  • Kinoptik Apochromat 1/2 F=18mm, Cameflex mount

    Vintage movie lens in worn condition as can be expected from a movie lens this age. Presumably for 35mm format. Tested on A7s on APS-c mode and we see some vignetting to corners. probably covers standard 35mm movie format only. lens has a worn appearance and bit dirty. Smooth focus .....
    Price: Sold
  • Kinoptik Apochromat 1/2 F=18mm

    Vintage movie lens in worn condition as can be expected from a movie lens this age. lens has a worn appearance and bit dirty. Smooth focus and good aperture. Good glass but some coating scratches to front and minor dirt and spots internally
    Price: Sold
  • Dr Rudolph Hugo Meyer Kinoplasmat 1.5 / 25mm lens

    This Hugo Meyer Kino Plasmat lens has been made in the early 1930s. The lens comes in C-mount for 16mm movie cameras. The longer focal lenghts are highly valuable where the shorter lenses like this one are as rare but less usable due to limited coverage. This Kinoplasmat has a .....
    Price: Sold
  • Bausch and Lomb Super-Baltar 2.0 / 25mm BNCR

    Hard to find Super Baltar in exccellent shape. Some regular sings of previous use. BNCR mount, great candidate for rehousing. Focus turns very smooth. Aperture all excellent. Good glass but a tiny mark to fornt and some light internal dirt. Hard to fnd movie lens we can rate 8 out .....
    Price: Sold
  • Canon TV-16 25mm 1:0.78 , Ultra fast C-mount lens

    This Canon lens has a remarkable large aperture of 1:0.78. just a hand full of lenses with such large aperture have been produced. The lens comes in C-mount and has been made to cover 16mm film format. Due to the back element pro-truding far beyond the C-mount it will be .....
    Price: Sold
  • Angenieux 1:3.2 / 25-250mm Type 10×25 T2, Arri bayonet

    Considering it’s age the lens comes in good condition. Smooth focus, zoom and aperture. Glass has few tiny marks on front and some internal haze. Comes with dedicated case and some filters. For 35mm format
    Price: Sold
  • Angenieux 25-250mm 1:3.2, for 35mm movie, Odd mount

    Optically and mechanically all excellent with some light signs of previous use, some marks on barrel. Comes with close-up lens too. Most of these we saw in much more worn condition. Odd mount. Probably universal mount underneath, but we cannot remove the mount. We can rate it 9 out of .....
    Price: Sold
  • Cooke Speed panchro 25mm f/2 T2.2 Ser III Arri Std 35mm

    The lens comes in good user condition with regular signs of previous use. Barrel has usual signs of use like paint loss and scratches. Aperture and focus ring operate smoothly. Glass is okay with some internal spaint loss and few coating scratches to glass. A user lens that we can .....
    Price: Sold
  • Cooke Kinetal 25mm T2 f/1.8, Arri std, for 16mm

    Cooke movie lens in Arriflex standard mount. 16mm coverage, probably super16 as well. Smooth focus, good aperture. Some internal dust, faint marks. Worn appearance but a good user
    Price: Sold