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  • Yashica T4 w/ Zeiss Tessar 35mm f/3.5 T*

    Highly sought after compact with nice Carl Zeiss lens. The camera comes in good condition with regular signs of previous use. The body looks good with some slight scratches on places from normal use. All electronic functions including flash work like intended and the camera feels responsive. Finder clear. Glass .....
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  • Contax T2 w/ Sonnar 38mm f/2.8

    The very popular Contax T2 in champagne finish. The camera comes in excellent working condition with light signs of previous use. 2 stickers on back door. All electronic functions tested and work well. Knobs operate properly. Responsive camera. Comes with date back but in untested condition and buttons taped over. .....
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  • Rollei B35 camera with Triotar 3.5/40 lens

    Camera came in as a dirty and bit moulded one, has been cleaned and checked. Shutter fires and sounds accurate, aperture works and even meter reacts to light, but is not guaranteed, as it is selenium one. Camera may still have some dirt spots here and there, there are also .....
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  • Olympus XA-2 in Red + Flash

    Nice in Red finish. Point and shoot camera with the 3.5/35mm Olympus Zuiko lens. Flash works. Shutter fires. It seem all excellent. Housing has some marks and scratches. Seals minor sticky but seem good. We can rate the camera 7.5 out of 10
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  • Rollei 35 w/ Tessar 40mm f/3.5

    The camera comes in good condition with regular signs of previous use. The body has some wear and brassing to the advance lever. Slight bumps on top plate. Shutter speeds sound accurate and lightmeter responds to light but not extensively tested. Clear finder. Lens is in good condition with good .....
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  • Leica if + elmar 3.5/50

    EXCELLENT: 80-89% of original condition. Shows moderate wear for the age of the item. May have small dents and/or dings and slight finish wear. Glass may have slight marks, anomalies and/or blemishes that will not affect picture quality.*
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