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  • Lot of 4x Canon FD lenses, various ones with fungus, OUTLET

    Price: Sold
    This lot contains 4 Canon FD mount lenses, original Canon ones. All with fungus as main issue. R 50 F/1.8 lens, overall worn condition with fungus and marks to front lens as well. 135mm F/3.5 with built in hood is overall a bit dirty and needs cleaning inside, fungus on .....
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  • Canon lens FD 2.8 / 20mm SSC , worn

    Price: 675,00
    Here we have the highly sought after SSC version of the Canon lens FD 20mm 2.8 lens. A famous wide super wide angle lens due to it’s beautiful rendering. Very sharp when stopped down a bit but often loved for its vintage character, also great lens for super35 /APS-C since .....
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